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Dream Decor : Styling a Cool, Creative and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Will Taylor

Format:Hardback 256 pages
Publisher:Jacqui Small
Imprint:Jacqui Small
Published:27 Apr 2016
Classifications:Interior design, decor & style guides
Readership:General (US: Trade)
Dimensions:280 x 219 x 30 (mm)
Pub. Country:United Kingdom
For sale in: All countries

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«Will understands the life-enhancing abilities of colour. He’s a true talent with a keen eye.»- Jonathan Adler This book will take readers on an inspiring journey to discover fifteen decor destinations that each have a distinct and inspired style. From the colourful cool of Miami Brights to the eclectic urban hipster warehouses of Brooklyn and the nautical feel of the Hamptons and Normandy, a diverse mix of decor styles will be explored.

The homes will mirror their surrounding environments, and room analysis for every space in the home will show readers how they can recreate their favourite looks and styles no matter where they live. Our homes are a reflection of how we live and nothing impacts on that more than where we live, and the lifestyle we lead. This book will take readers on an inspiring and tactile journey to discover the decorating style that represents their personal style, all demonstrated via Will’s personal and evocative travel imagery, charming illustrations and personality-packed homes across the globe.

By inspiring readers to look to their surroundings and call on their own travel memories and personal journeys, the book will be the practical yet playful travel companion the reader needs to create their own ‘Dream Decor’ style.